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C H A   S E U N G   W O N  (Korean Actor/Model)

At first I thought, falling for this 44 year old family-man will ruined the realistic part of me again like what happened with the other musicians that fell for and looked up to for many many many years until now. I struggled for almost a month, craving to see his face every single second, my ears are always looking for the sound of his voice and my heart longs for his presence. Started with a drama of his that I watched and I basically had a hard time moving on with the drama when I finished watching it. I wanted to watch it over and over again, I’ve watched it for almost 5? 6? 10? times already but still I just cant get enough. Until I started looking for more of his films and series and once again, the same hangover happened. I never got over it and I fell in love with this man more and more and more. Through films, dramas, reality shows, interviews everything I’ve browsed it all from pictures to articles and videos and everything. I was once again obsessed with such a person who don’t even know that I exist. Day, weeks, months passed by as I started to come back to my senses, reality. I got sad, frustrated and hopeless with the situation that I got myself into. I forced myself to move on and wake myself up from this dilemma, nothing worked. I still longed for this man, I wanted him so bad. There’s nothing I can do so I just let myself do whatever makes my life less stressful. I still did the same, browse and browse and browse… I never realized that through that process, God was telling me something, something that took a while before I notice. 

I finally got the answers that I want.. the things that I’ve been so confuse all these years. Everything, every doubt was answered through this man right here. Every single thing that I learned from this man, both from his characters and his off-cam personality. I finally know what I want.. the dream that I’ve been confused for so many years. The problems that I’ve been dying to solve all these years..  he’s not only a man that i’ve been looking up to, but a person who’s rather the inspiration that helped me get through all of these shits. The perfect inspiration that I need, the inspiration that i’ve been missing all these years.. 

The man that showed me how to face life, how you should respond with different kind of situations, how you should handle problems. The man that made me realized that true love does exist by him and his wife’s never ending love for each other, the love he have for his family, that love he have for them that he wanted to protect them no matter what, as in no matter what. The man that showed me to “dream high, dream higher than your highest dreams”, it’ll all come true with just hard work, faith, patience and passion. The man that made me realize that a woman should be treated with respect and dignity; a gentleman, faithful, one man woman, is always enough. The man that showed me to be professional but never forget to respect people and let everyone respect you back. Pride is always a good thing but make sure it’s always in the right place, never look down on your self, if you lose then you lose end of the story, go get up and start again but remember to do it better than before as in way better than before, what’s the point of doing it again if you’re gonna do the same old thing? The man that showed me how determination and confidence is an essential part of success, know your place, know where your scope is and you must learn the qualities and knowledge and ofcourse the basics; you’ll never know when you need it in the future, remember that your brain isn’t made to just sit there and do nothing, use it, use it as frequent as you can, not only your body needs to be healthy but the brain also. Ofcourse, take a break. Laugh, don’t take things too seriously but never lose your focus and purpose, always give your self a reward. 

Cha Seung Won, is basically the picture that God showed me to know what’s the next step that I should take. Realizing these things made more determined and made me want to work hard more and more every single day. This picture made me want to dream higher, without any doubts. Yes, this is the path that I chose, this is it. I’m almost there, i’m seriously working on it and im much more motivated this time so just wait and see. One day, Cha Seung Won, you might not know me now, you might not understand every single words that I’ve put in this post but I know someday what ever it takes i’ll make sure when I reach that goal, a Filipino Photographer named Meryl Melquiades will be added on your list. I’ll work hard, I’ll work my ass off, where ever this dream of mine takes me, weather I fail or succeed, I’ll still be forever thankful to you. Thank you for helping me, you don’t know how this means to me, but seriously thank you. FIGHTING!

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